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WE TAKE CARE - Chatzifotiadis Georgios - Home Care - Nurses - Trikala

Home care takes up a large share of the care of a patient who is unable or unwilling to receive hospital care. Its great advantage is the possibility that it gives patients the opportunity to enjoy nursing care in a familiar environment. It contains a wide range of therapeutic services throughout the prefecture of Trikala.


Patient Care

We provide patient care, both in multi-benefit packages, monthly packages, and individually on a daily basis.

- Administration of Injections
We undertake the administration of injections of all kinds (intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous)


- Intravenous serum administration
Intravenous administration of serum and drugs (eg antibiotics) ordered by a physician.


- Urine collection
Collection of urine and other biological fluids and sample transfer (laboratory of your choice) Receipt of results and delivery where desired.


- Enema
Administration of Low or High enema always with the needs of the patient directly and responsibly


- Complete Patient Monitoring
Full monitoring of patients, recording of vital signs (Art. Pressure, tightening, temperature, oxygen) and informing the treating physician. Pharmaceutical supervision and organization of treatment.


- Layout Change and Treatment
Systematic monitoring, care and treatment of bed sores.


Aspiration of tracheobronchial secretions
Suction of tracheobronchial secretions through a suction device in bed people with respiratory problems.


- Placement of a catheter
Our company undertakes the catheterization of the bladder, but also the placement of a permanent catheter (performed only with the instruction of a treating physician)


- Local and Total Hygiene (bathroom)
Local and total hygiene in bed people or not. (includes shaving, grooming, upper and lower limbs)


Oral Care and Training
Care Care and education of patients with orthopedics.


- Intestinal feeding
Education of patients and families who can not be fed orally.


- Administration of inhaled drugs
Administration of nebulized inhalers to people with asthma or other respiratory problems.


- Day Care
Daily care for people 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours. (valid only for very few days of supply)





The services are provided individually or in combination but also in monthly packages.
Make an appointment at your place for FREE for a case diagnostic visit to develop a monthly care plan for bedridden patients.

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